Working with precious stones and metals represents a huge responsibility that we take very seriously: from carefully selecting gemstones to exclusively processing high-quality recycled metals to cooperating with parties in regions such as Africa.

We source almost all large stones from our longstanding, esteemed partner van Amstel. Van Amstel supplies exclusively conflict-free diamonds of every size and grade at fair prices. We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect stone.

Sustainability is a key issue when processing precious metals. We take special care to ensure that all our metals are certified as sustainable by Oeko-Gold
Our team has been travelling to Tanzania, Africa for several years. The 200-million-year-old riverbed in the Umba Valley is an ideal location to prospect for gemstones deposited there millions of years ago. These are "secondary deposits" that require no underground mining. We dig and sort by hand or with simple tools and machines.

The Umba region is known for producing a wide variety of garnets and sapphires in unusual hues. Being natural products, many change colour depending on the light (artificial / natural light). That is why we call them "sapphires with a difference". 

In the Umba Valley, we work hand in hand with local miners and experts from the Southern and Eastern African Mineral Center, or SEAMIC for short. Our relationship is not restricted to gemstones, but has evolved over the years into a close friendship with the locals. It is very important for us to give something back to them. For example, we help improve the local infrastructure in this small village and the nearby school. 

Since we have traced every step in the gemstone's path – from finding it in Africa to cutting, polishing and setting in here in Switzerland – we can say with a clear conscience that our stones are responsibly and ethically sourced. You will receive a fully sustainable piece of jewellery made from recycled precious metals.

Immersing ourselves in this different world, experiencing the hospitality, steel-blue sky, deep red earth and calm, good-hearted people – all these impressions make up the unique moments in which we learn once again to consciously enjoy and appreciate the beauty around us.

Karte Afrika/Tanzania